A World in Ruins

Grand Cornerstone is destroyed—shattered into a thousand fragments. With it, all the world is divided and dissolved into mist. Now it falls to a chosen few to heal the land and rebuild Grand Cornerstone, creating the world anew according to their own design.

In the darkness of the mist that shrouds the world, the forces of Oblivion gather in sinister vigil, seeking the remaining pieces of Grand Cornerstone to destroy them utterly. Will you be able to protect the world you've created, or is it fated again to fall into darkness?

Your World to Rebuild

Mystic Empyrean is a unique Role Playing Game that focuses on world creation, social character development, and storytelling. Check out the links below the central image to see the boundless possibilities that the world of Empyrean has to offer.


Project Mystic Empyrean
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